Resources -Man Power

• General Manager – highly acclaimed and with vast experience for leading and coordinating the strategic planning functions of the company.


• Human Resources – ensures the recruitment of well skilled staffs with broad experiences, as well as conducts collective trainings for added information and skills for the staffs.


• Finance -  reliable management of company’s revenues and expenses.


• Information Technology – maintains fast system flow of transactions.


• Supply Chain & Procurement - effective utilization of long and short strategic plans including Sales and Purchases.


• Business Development - Identify, develop and implement strategies for business opportunities. Providing direction, guidance for the Company’s creative solutions to ensure alignment with the Company’s business plans.


• Sales & Marketing Team -  bring brands to market with clear “channel” strategies, creates and implement comprehensive marketing communication programs.


• Merchandisers  - full market coverage with in-store merchandising resources is at your disposal.


• Logistics – provides safe and fast integration of information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging, to meet the requirements of customers in due time.


• Delivery team - a fast, effective and efficient team that meets and fulfills the client’s requirements.



We will seek out ways to continuously improve every aspect of our functioning, and constantly raise the standards of our services.